Welcome to Sho Nuf!

turkey farm photo

At Sho Nuf Turkeys, we take pride in having the very best free range all-natural turkeys.

Our Online Request Form is up for holiday turkey requests through December 20.

      December hours are:
9:00am -   noon      Friday, 12/11
9:00am -   noon      Saturday, 12/12
9:00am -   2:00pm Thursday, 12/17
9:00am -   2:00pm Friday, 12/18
8:00am -   2:00pm Saturday 12/19
8:00am -   2:00pm Sunday 12/20
8:00am -   4:00pm Monday, 12/21
8:00am -   4:00pm Tuesday, 12/22
8:00am -   4:00pm Wednesday, 12/23
8:00am -   2:00pm Thursday, 12/24

For any other pickup days or questions, please email us at info@shonufturkeys.com.

Please visit our COVID-19 information link.

Due to the demand for whole turkeys we will not have the extra giblets, necks and wings like we have had in the past.

Thank you from everyone at Sho Nuf Turkeys.